Epoch Gen 7 Handle A/M

Epoch Dragonfly 7 Composite Attack/Mid Lacrosse Shaft

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Epoch's popular carbon fiber composite lacrosse shaft, the Dragonfly, is engineered for players at the highest level of the game. The Dragonfly 7 series of shafts are the lightest Epoch has ever produced and are proudly made in USA. New for 2017, their Torque Box 2 with Intelligent Weave Technology, designed to stabilize the hands and push energy to the head. Uniform Release provides a consistent flex profile throughout the top 2/3 of the shaft, for a consistent feel regardless of hand position. Engineered deep into the composite lay-up, Epoch's Advanced Carbon Laying (A.C.L.) manages the dynamic and responsive areas separately from the static areas. The Epoch Dragonfly 7 has an industry-best 1-year warranty.

As a part of their new Dragonfly 7 series, this is the lightest attack/midfield handle that they have produced, while still being dent resistant, extremely durable and backed by Epoch's industry-best 1-year warranty. Epoch's most popular shape and style, the Dragonfly C30, comes available in their standard Concave geometry with Slip/Grip texture and features a Uniform Release flex profile for all hand positions that lacrosse players encounter when trying to take a pass or shot. New for 2017, Epoch's Torque Box 2 with Intelligent Weave Technology designed to stabilize the hands and push energy to the head. The Epoch Dragonfly 7 C30 is proudly made in USA.


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