Epoch Hawk Head

Epoch Hawk Sequel/Prequel Lacrosse Head

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The Sequel:

Maximum:   Feel. Design. Control.

Inspired by Italian supercars and engineered with maximum functionality The Hawk Sequel design and styling language is defined by the recurring triangular and polygonal elements incorporated throughout. The surfaces have precisely distinct sharp edges that flow together to form subtle yet pronounced corners that incorporate radiuses that are both appealing to the eyes and performance enhancing. 

The Sequel’s elegant industrial design is only matched by it functionality and performance.  The Hawk’s beauty resembles a piece of art worthy of dedicated wall space but make no mistake about it; the Sequel is engineered for the field.


Speed. Power. Control.

The top and bottom rail geometry of The Sequel delivers a level of sophistication lacrosse players have long desired. The clean, crisp and bold design elements help form tight and narrow channel defining the face shape and extends the length of the side profile just past the rounded shoulders before disappearing into the scoop.

The mid-rail design seemingly extends from the shaft creating optimal lateral, vertical and torsional stiffness for perfect balance of performance and feel.

The top rail highlights the Hawk’s Laid-Back Technology with a gently sloping arch that increases away from the central axis keeping the ball deep below the hands for maximized feel.


The Prequel:

Performance, Beauty, and Strength.

Sharing many of the aesthetic design elements of the Sequel, the Prequel’s clean lines and attention to detail resulted in a head engineered for today’s top players. In the past, conventional lacrosse heads often made players choose between a deep pocket or a quick release. Epoch’s engineers, however, do not believe that players should be limited by decision. That is why their team created a lacrosse head that shares performance, beauty, and strength.

Mathematically Better.

The Hawk Prequel improves upon the conventional curved profile and the Zone 3 pocket creates a perfect mid-pocket for unmatched ball control and a quick release. Designed for the one-handed dodger looking for a quicker release. The Prequel’s design offers one of the deepest pockets in the game.



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