Jimalax Semi Hard Mesh Kit

Warrior Burn Featherweight Performance Lacrosse Mesh

Quantity: 4

The lightest mesh Warrior has ever made. Thinner gauge with a light coating that plays like a hybrid soft mesh.

Super light-weight, high density polyethylene construction with limited stretch for added consistency.

  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Extremely light with a semi-soft feel. The thin design of the mesh allows for better “micro” feel when the ball is in your stick. With this mesh, you always know where the ball is in your stick.
  • Reduced surface area reduces air resistance, has the potential to increase shot speed.
  • You’ll notice how light it is right away. Have an edge on your competition.
  • Great fit for QBs who carry the ball and feed - excellent control and consistent release.
  • Shooters will also appreciate the lightweight feel.
  • Lighter mesh means faster stick checks.

Made in the USA!

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