Bauer 2X Pro Sr Skate S19

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro hockey skate is designed for the elite players who skate 4-5+ times per week and need a lightweight, high-performing skate to play their best every time they step on the ice.

Low-profile design for an enhanced fit

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  1. Difference Maker

    Get to the net faster than ever before and make a difference with the skate designed to be the lightest, most agile yet. VAPOR 1X features 37.5™ Technology, the new aluminum Curv® composite boot, TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE and SPEED PLATE™, which molds to your foot, helping you grip the ice with every stride.

  2. Play With An Edge

    Don't play through dull or damaged steel. Change your steel in seconds and gain an edge on the competition.

  3. Steel The Game

    Get an edge on your opponent with the cleaner, stronger, sharpened edge of the TUUK LS4 runner. Designed with an additional 3mm in profile height, players will have a greater angle of attack for increased agility.

  4. Play To Form

    Play faster and more protected with the lightweight, form-fit lite felt tongue and Curv® insert. It's the tongue that pushes this skate to new extremes in protection and overall performance.

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