Bauer 2X Skate Yth S19

The Bauer Vapor 2X Youth hockey skates offer many high-end technologies to help young players improve their skating skills while keeping them comfortable.

Comfort Edge padding for an improved feel
Memory foam pads for added ankle comfort

$179.99 Excl. tax
Quantity: 1

Bauer Supreme 1S Youth Ice Hockey Skates


The 1S Youth skates from Bauer are the best they have to offer developing mites who are building their stride and making their way onto the ice. The 3D Reinforced trueform PU quarter package creates a stiff, stable boot that will encourage skating with proper form, without being painfully rigid. The boot is also outfitted with Bauer's Comfort Edge system which is designed to keep the edges of the skate from digging into the ankle, making these skates less intrusive than many of their counterparts.


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