CCM Xtra Pro Shoulder Jr '18

Model Year 2018
Brand CCM
Level of Play Performance
Construction 2 layer front construction with PE foams
Caps Molded low profile PE caps
Torso Vented PE foam front base
Biceps Exposed molded PE cap with length adjustment
Sternum & Spine Anatomical

Quantity: 1

Product Details

  • Sports Excellence Exclussive
  • Based off RBZ 130
  • Crazy Light U Foam Shoulder Cap (RBZ)
  • Jewel on Chest (RBZ)
  • Lightweight low profile cap with exposed foam for impact protection
  • Adjustable molded Bicep with PE insert to customize protection
  • Integrated chest and spine with PE inserts to improve mobility and streamline fit
  • Molded reinforced PE clavicle protection in key impact area
  • Lightweight exposed foam body for ventilation, reduce water absorption
  • New Comfort Collar enhances fit
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