Epoch Gen 6 Handle A/M

Epoch Generation 6 A/M Lacrosse Shaft

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Gen.6 Dragonfly

To develop the Gen.6 Dragonfly, we pushed our engineers harder than we ever have before. The jump from Gen.5 to Gen.6 is the biggest increase in shaft technology Epoch has ever released. With the introduction of Gen.6 we have once again reinvented the lacrosse shaft.

Dynamics. Forces. Understood. 

By understanding the dynamics and forces present in lacrosse, we engineered torque box technology to maintain the continuity of the shaft’s geometry and maximize energy transfer to the head during a pass or shot.

We developed Gen.6 featuring a non-uniform composite layup with variations along the length of the shaft. This technology creates a torque box and is designed to control and minimize ovalization or deformation of the shaft walls.

We created the Gen.6 Dragonfly for elite players who want extreme performance.  By using the latest material and technology we’ve constructed a shaft with exceptional design consistency and material integrity, resulting in performance previously unseen in the game of lacrosse.

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