S19 Vapor X2.7 Stick Int

The Bauer Vapor X2.7 ice hockey stick is a lightweight option at this price point, with plenty of features and technologies to help the performance or recreational player take quick shots.

Low-kick point for a fast release
QRT technology for enhanced

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  • The most advanced VAPOR stick yet.
  • Designed to hit your mark faster than ever before
  • Make a difference on the ice with the new Quick-Release Taper Technology of VAPOR 1X.
  • Your Quickest Release
  • With Quick-Release Taper Technology, goalies will never see it coming thanks to the new aggressive taper design that loads and recoils energy in the lower shaft.
  • Perfect for quick snap and slap shots.
  • Better Than Ever

    The new geometric design responds even faster than previous VAPOR sticks, putting pucks on net and points on the board.

    1. 20% faster wrist shot loading rate when compared to APX2.
    2. 28% faster wrist shot recoil speed when compared to APX2.

  • All Day. Every Day.


  • During play, slashes and pucks can cause tiny fractures in your stick. However, eLASTech Technology from BAUER stops the spread of these fractures, making the VAPOR 1X stick perform like new, time after time.

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