S20 Nexus ADV Stick Sr

Bauer’s new NEXUS ADV hockey stick is now available for web purchases. The NEXUS ADV is filled with cutting edge technologies that have never been seen in a hockey stick before. This is a truly one of a kind hockey stick designed for the elite level playe

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Player Profile-     Ideal for the power player that unloads explosive one-timers and bombs the heavy slapshot


Kick Point / Flex Profile-     High Mid-Kick point - Maximum Power Kick (MPK) stiffer lower portion of shaft that pushes the kick point even higher


Shaft Construction-   Monocomp Technology - true one piece stick using a single molding process.
TeXtreme Technology - ultra lightweight and strong carbon fiber
eLASTech technology - resin with carbon nanotube reinforcements


Shaft Geometry-    Supreme Power Shaft with 1S Tactile - square, double concave walls and a ridged texture on the underside


Shaft Coating-    Griptac or non-grip (clear) Shaft Taper-    Maximum Power Kick (MPK) - new taper geometry with lower taper initiation for max energy output with minimum effort


Blade Core-    Power Sense 2 Core - Aero Foam 3 heel and Power SENSE Core plus full SENSE integration in the wrap
Pure Shot Blade Profile - expanded throat design


Blade Wrap-    TeXtreme Technology - ultra lightweight and strong carbon fiber


Blade Coating-    Matte finish with texture

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