Warrior Regulator X Head

Warrior Regulator X Lacrosse Head

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The Warrior Regulator is engineered for maximum power and stability. It is the perfect head for the aggressive midfielder or the tactical defenseman. When manufacturing the Regulator, Warrior wanted to incorporate both finesse and strength. If by some miracle the Evo and the Revo lacrosse heads met and had a baby the Regulator would be what they birthed.

What makes the Regulator so special is its new LOC-THROAT technology that eliminates shaft rattle and adds stability. As the head is screwed onto the shaft the LOC –THROAT flares out to provide both internal and external pressure for a secured fit.

Lastly, the Regulator has a mid-high bottom rail configuration which will provide a mid-to-high pocket with plenty of whip for high velocity shots. The Regulator also has SYM-RAIL technology that reduces the weight and adds stability by shaving the inner sidewalls to match the outer sidewalls.

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