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StringKing Lacrosse Attack Shafts

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A7150 Shaft:

  • The new StringKing A7150 Lacrosse Shaft is StringKing's newest shaft that is the perfect combination of strength, weight, and price.  Out doing any other shaft in it's price range, the StringKing eliminated some materials while designing the A7150 in order to keep it at a reduced price while maintaining a high level of performance.  
  • Weighing in at only 140 grams, the A7150 is one of the lightest shafts on the market designed for the all around player that doesn't want to break the bank.
  • Available in four colors: Matte Black, Silver, Nickel, and Gray. 


  • 130 grams
    • 30 inches
    • Made for attack and midfield
  • StringKing Metal is light.  And when we say light, we mean light.  This shaft was designed to play fast - really, really fast.  And for this price point, you can't go wrong. It is only 130 grams and the lightest attack shaft on the market.  It is designed for ultimate performance, giving players faster hands, quicker releases, and the confidence to play fast.  This shaft is perfect for attack and midfield players.  The metal feels great in your hands and has a non-uniform wall thickness allowing the shaft to be extremely light and still very durable. The Metal is made with custom high-grade Aluminum Alloy and manufactured with extremely tight tolerances to guarantee consistency in every shaft. 
  • Included with purchase: Metal shaft, Butt end,  End cap, Lacrosse tape, Head screw.

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