StringKing Grizzly Mesh

String King Lacrosse Grizzly Ultralight 12-Diamond Goalie Mesh

Quantity: 2


  • More Saves

    Over 30 grams lighter than other goalie meshes on the market, Grizzly Mesh makes your stick lighter and your hands faster, so you can make more saves.

  • Fewer Rebounds

    New FlexLite™ fibers create a controlled horizontal stretch in the mesh that helps the ball die in your pocket and ensures that you surrender fewer rebounds.

  • Sharper Outlets

    StringKing all-weather consistency combined with a new hybrid knitting pattern creates a deep, channeled pocket that throws on a dime.

  • Durability Guaranteed

    If your Grizzly Mesh™ breaks within 90 days of purchase, String King will replace your mesh for free.

  • Flexlite™ Fibers

New fibers create a controlled horizontal stretch in the mesh designed to absorb the impact of the ball and help decrease rebounds.

  • P2™ Fibers

The same fibers used in our Performance Mesh Type 2 act as a sturdy backbone for our Grizzly knitting pattern—ensuring durability while decreasing weight.

  • TITE™ Technology

A new manufacturing process creates an even tighter mesh construction to help ensure a deep, consistent channel.

  • True-Diamond™ Technology

Every piece of mesh strings up & performs exactly the same regardless of conditions.

  • Benefits
  • Superior Performance & All-Weather Consistency

    All-weather, non-wax materials ensure that all StringKing products will perform the same way, everyday, regardless of conditions or wear.

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